Author: Tim Ralphs

  • Imaginarium

    Basically, Abi has said everything better than I could over here, so go check it out!

  • Audience Comments from Birmingham Storyelling Cafe

    The fine folks at Birmingham Storytelling Cafe had me along to tell stories from my show How to Spin Enchantment. Here’s some of the audience feedback, I’m particularly impressed by the poetry: 9/10 a very good night, laughter, wit and the occasional fright, We’ll come see you again, every now and then, unless there’s a…

  • Reviews and comments for recent gigs

    My performance of Can the Mountains Love the Sea? got a review by A Small Mind. “An excellent night.” * * * * Read the full review here. I also got these kind words from some Viking reinactors who came along: “What a great experience this was! My friend J~ and I were completely enthralled…

  • Bookings

    Hi! This is the page I sometimes use to sell tickets to workshops or shows that I’m running. Right now I have nothing on sale. If you’re looking for Beeston Tales tickets, you can pick those up here.

  • Beeston Tales

    Hi there! This is a little post about Beeston Tales, a monthly storytelling night based in Beeston, Nottingham.  We’re back Baby! – From now on we’ll be hosting events at Our Lady of the Assumption church hall, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AE Parking at the venue. Short walk from a tram stop. Cake and…

  • The Folly of Hope

    It’s the first of April, a day normally given over to foolishness. And you know what’s foolish? Hope. Hope, as you and your friends flee through dense undergrowth while Something hunts you down. Hope, while brittle tree limbs whip your skin and exhaustion overcomes your shivering body. As the sunlight fades, so does the faint…

  • The Room Behind the Bookcase ~ Episode 5 ~ The Four Chambers of the Heart

    Click here to listen! Or subscribe with Feedburner. This podcast features Clare Murphy and was recorded by Tom Donegan of The Story Museum. The intro music was from Hymir’s Maidens used you as a trough by Prometheus Project. The outro music taken from Death Jig by Sharron Kraus.

  • Jonathan and David at The Miller

    I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be telling my version of Jonathan and David as part of Tailspin’s Night of the Storyteller. The chosen people cry out for a King. An aged Prophet looks at his sons and knows they are unworthy. And God knits the souls of two young men together, binding them…

  • The Room Behind the Bookcase ~ Episode 4 ~ Epic Weekend 2014: The Iliad

    Click here to listen! Or subscribe with Feedburner. The intro music was from Hymir’s Maidens used you as a trough by Prometheus Project. The podcast featured Christine Cooper and Tom as well as audio clips from Tom Goodale, Mark Wainwright, Liz Cruze, Tara Hartley, Stephe Harrop, Tim Ralphs and Jill Barr.

  • The Room Behind the Bookcase – Making it your own

    Click here to Listen! Or subscribe with Feedburner. Want to make a traditional story your own when you tell it? We ask Nell Phoenix how. Show notes in the comments.

  • The Oxford Culture Review reviews The Four Chambers of The Heart

    L. C. Broad reviews “The Four Chambers of the Heart” in The Oxford Culture Review. I’m really glad she liked it. The Four Chambers is a very important project for Clare Murphy, Cat Gerrard and myself, and I hope you’ll be hearing more about it soon. “The universe, wrote poet Muriel Rukeyser, is made of…

  • Tales from the Ivory Tower – more on storytelling for researchers

    Tales from the Ivory Tower was the first project I did for the University of Sheffield, and this year they invited me back to run the scheme again. Here’s a great video about the subject featuring me talking about storytelling in Universities in general.