The Story Forge

“The tongue is like a red headed match. We strike it, “Ta-Dah-Dy” on the rough roof of the mouth and with that spark we light a flame. And then? Then the lungs are bellows and these words melt in the crucible of the ear, cold-black, red-warm, white-hot and we forge dreams.”

Upcoming events and details on facebook.

A little post, all about The Story Forge!

What? The Story Forge is an open mic Storytelling club based around tales from the floor with guest spots every other month. Come along with a tale to share or just to sup good beer in fine company and listen to the glorious cascade of words. Folk tales, urban myths, riddles, the odd song and poem, it’s a verbal banquet in narrative hot sauce. When we have a guest along we ask you to throw £4 in the tin as it comes around, on open floor nights £3 a piece is plenty, or whatever you can afford.

Where? Our regular venue is upstairs in The Fat Cat, on Alma Street, Kelham Island. More about them here: The pub is a short meander from the Shalesmoor Tram Stop, with parking in the pub car park.

When? Third Tuesday of the month! (Except for December, when things get a little mixed up.) You can get reminders by joining The Story Forge Facebook group, or by asking me to add you to the mailing list. We aim to start at 8.00pm, so turn up a little before that. Tim and David will be taking turns to MC, and we should be eager to sign you up for a spot to tell in. There may be cake. There may be cats.

Who? You, me and all our favourite people! Tales from regulars, beginners, strangers and friends. Can you dare to miss out? Check the home page for details of upcoming guest artists.


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  2. Hi

    I would like details of when you meet as your calendar is a bit out of date 2011? When you have open mike nights to come along and join in.

  3. Tim Ralphs Avatar
    Tim Ralphs

    I’ve sent you an email Peter. Do come along!

  4. […] The Story Forge featured on Sheffield Live! […]

  5. Hi If you have space tomorrow night I have a fair amount of fantastic-magico realism I could read and some things…quite…well up to the audience to decide what they might mean, if anything at all

  6. Hi Tim Thanks for putting up your Hugh event on the SfS site. I have transferred the image to be seen on your club page as well as it just had the generic SfS image…If you have one for the club and can send it to me at the above email then~ great

  7. Tim Ralphs Avatar
    Tim Ralphs

    Paul, I don’t run the Story Forge any more, I’ll send your details to the new team. Many thanks for helping us out!

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