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  • The Story Forge – passing the baton




    Welcome to 2017. I am groggy with the jetlag of landing back in the UK. It was an interesting New Year’s Eve, midnight rushing West to meet us as we flew East towards the sunrise. It’s a time of change and one of these changes is that I’m handing over the running and administration of…

  • The Story Forge featured on Sheffield Live!

    Way back in October we had one of the most crowded Story Forge open floor sessions yet. In part, this was because the Off the Shelf festival was ramping up and the city was buzzing with excitement about spoken word events. Sheffield Live sent Laurence Peacock who listened, made some recordings, interviewed me, some tellers…

  • The Story Forge

    β€œThe tongue is like a red headed match. We strike it, “Ta-Dah-Dy” on the rough roof of the mouth and with that spark we light a flame. And then? Then the lungs are bellows and these words melt in the crucible of the ear, cold-black, red-warm, white-hot and we forge dreams.” Upcoming events and details…