The Room Behind the Bookcase – Making it your own

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Want to make a traditional story your own when you tell it? We ask Nell Phoenix how. Show notes in the comments.


2 responses to “The Room Behind the Bookcase – Making it your own”

  1. Tim Ralphs Avatar
    Tim Ralphs

    In this episode we ask Nell Phoenix how to take a traditional story and make it your own. Nell Phoenix is the voice of the Nyx’s Chariot podcast and host of Storynight Torriano.

    The intro music was from Your Mother Suckled you with Bile not Milk, you Brute by Prometheus Project. The outro music was from Death Jig by Sharron Kraus.

  2. That was a brilliant, brilliant talk, Tim. So illuminating and now I really want to do one of Nell’s workshops. Thank you both so much for generously sharing your expertise.

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