The Room Behind the Bookcase ~ Episode 6 ~ Out of the Silence

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In this podcast I interview Simon Heywood about the stories of World War 1 conscientious objectors and his show Out of The Silence.

The intro music was from Hymir’s Maidens used you as a trough by Prometheus Project. Outro music was sung by Shonaleigh.


One response to “The Room Behind the Bookcase ~ Episode 6 ~ Out of the Silence”

  1. Tim Ralphs Avatar
    Tim Ralphs

    One of things we don’t discuss in this podcast is the fact that support for the war was contentious within the suffragette movement – it was pretty divisive even within Pankhurst family. Whilst the official line of the WSPU was to “deal with the German peril”, people like Sylvia Pankhurst were horrified by this pro-war direction. #notallpankhursts

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