There is Something in the Woods

You’re stranded. It’s a four day journey to the nearest town, and there is something in the woods.

There is Something in the Woods is a a table-top story game of supernatural survival horror for four to six players plus a Director. It’ll probably take around three hours to play and it will be as scary as you make it. If you want to download the .pdf just click on the image of the woods below. WARNING contains swearing.

Click to download the game!

Creative Commons License
There is Something in the Woods by Erin Snyder and Tim Ralphs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

“A dream to run.”
Helen Apocalypse

And now there’s more! You can now make the game a little less cruel using the Folly of Hope expansion/hack.

This game is produced by Index Cards and Hate Games with layout, typecraft and cover art by Zabet Groznaya. If you’ve enjoyed the game then we’d love to hear about it. We’d also love for you to tell your friends about it and give them copies of the game.

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