Tales from the Ivory Tower – more on storytelling for researchers

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Tales from the Ivory Tower was the first project I did for the University of Sheffield, and this year they invited me back to run the scheme again. Here’s a great video about the subject featuring me talking about storytelling in Universities in general.

One Comment on “Tales from the Ivory Tower – more on storytelling for researchers”

  1. 1 Amy Rashap said at 12:10 am on March 1st, 2017:

    I loved the video, love this stuff…I began helping scientists learn to communicate their research through storytelling at theEarth Observatory of Singapore. Now, in Melbourne, I want to do the same thing…and am presently involved in helping second-language English speakers learn to use storytelling techniques in helping them slog thru their own academic papers. The structure of a story is also needed for the most academic of papers, as well.

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