Gilgamesh receives epic nominations!

Simon Heywood and I are really excited because our collaborative performance of Gilgamesh has received nominations for the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

I’m not sure yet if we’ve made the nomination shortlist and I’ll keep you informed. Suffice to say that I am chuffed to bits that we’ve been nominated at all. You can read more about BASE here. (I’m particularly happy about the gender balance across the Best Newcomer category!)

Any to celebrate Gilgamesh getting this recognition, Simon and I would like to share some of the great things people have said about the show at our gigs over the past few years. Thank you for your kind words.

Stories from the Tree of Life at the Huddersfield Literature Festival, Lawrence Batley Theatre
14 March 2009

It made me laugh and cry. The combination of storytellers was brilliant.

Poetical, lyrical, musical, drew us slowly back in time ‘til, dreaming of death, worms, sadness, sorrow, it was difficult to break back into the 21st century.

Two scintillating performers. FAB!

Spell-binding. Beautifully told. Great idea to create something so special. Good for the soul!

I was very impressed with both the speakers, I thought it was an excellent idea to have 2 narrators as it gave an extra dimension to the story. I also thought it helped having separate voices for characters.
I really enjoyed the humour the story had, it made it feel as though it had the audience in mind and not just a story for the sake of it, it made the experience a lot more personal.
I really enjoyed the performance as it makes a lovely change from just sitting home watching telly.

Thank you very much for the excellent performance tonight, I think it has a very authentic feel, very much like stories originally told. It was told extremely well, with a lot of enthusiasm.

The performance transported us to the shores of the Tigris and held us there, following the deeds of Gilgamesh, spellbound.

Absorbing tale, extremely well told.

Fabulous performance. Vivid. Graphic. A true epic.

Epic storytelling—totally engrossed. Enthralling, and captivating. Beautiful language and beautifully told.

A wonderful rendition of the Sumerian Epic. Storytelling of this quality is few and far between, capturing the imagination and evoking the spirit… …Very interesting, grabbed my attention, really, really enjoyed it!

Mesmerising—beautiful diction and delivery.

Thank you.

Explore York, York Libraries
11 September 2010

This was amazing—the most exciting, dramatic storytelling I’ve seen at the library.

Fantastic evening of storytelling…enthralling way of introducing the written word, you are to be congratulated on this evening.

The actor with blonde hair and beard had the most remarkably resonant voice (I’ve ever heard!). Loved the scene where the actors went head-to-head.

Both storytellers were highly convincing in such different ways—a good contrast. Just like the brilliant contrast in the story itself between the gritty and the transcendental.

Enjoying it very much. Grateful that you have put it on. I thought about the art of storytelling—the structure and narrative and the technique of delivery, and go off next to think about the significance of the tale as a whole from the understanding of our cultural development up to the present day.

Absolutely loved it.

Amazingly inspiring; it makes me realise that good storytelling doesn’t need ‘theatre’ to bring forward your imagination. I’ll definitely look out for other opportunities to enjoy storytelling hopefully in the York library.

Brilliant storytellers—they complemented each other and had the audience spell-bound. I found it magical not having heard the story before!

Excellent—we really enjoyed it!

Brilliant—never heard the story and always found the book a bit daunting. Alive, vibrant, sexy and wonderful.

The storytellers are both excellent—with clear diction and marvellous expression! They had me gripped. Brilliant use of the imagination.

I’ve been to quite a lot of storytelling events, and these two really understood the art. Won over my partner who wasn’t sure what it would be like. I will certainly read the Epic of Gilgamesh. So…my opinions weren’t changed at all, but my expectations were exceeded. So much depth was crammed into the story.

Brilliant, both guys have my vote for having the X factor in storytelling.

Off the Shelf Literature Festival, Montgomery Hall, Sheffield
20 October 2011

Cracking, with appropriate crazy measurements. Huge evocative delivery.

Great job guys! Thanks for bringing us this brilliant story which I’d otherwise never have heard.

Fascinating! I can understand George Smith’s actions!


A unique experience which I enjoyed—brilliant energy from Tim + Simon

A huge feat of recital and memory from two stupendous storytellers. I’m now motivated to go and read it!

Fantastic, super-engaging!

Amazing! Really impressive and engrossing

Really interesting. Very entertaining. Time flew by.


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  1. Tim Ralphs Avatar
    Tim Ralphs

    One last piece of feedback, this one pretty funny in context. When Stories from the Tree of Life commissioned us to work on the show, they let us know that they had already offered the commission to Daniel Morden (who is a really nice guy and a very talented teller) but that due to his other commitments he’d turned it down. At the first outing of our show in Huddersfield, one audience member who clearly hadn’t forgiven Daniel wrote simply: “Not as good as Daniel Morden.” Check him out here, he is really fabulous!

  2. You are very gracious to acknowledge your other story tellers in this way.

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