The “Human-ish Podcast” talks about storytelling

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The “Human-ish” Podcast, creation of Dinaay Sharma, is an exploration of the fundamentals of the human experience, whether that be an interview about the nature of the mind or the importance of movement or the role of storytelling.

You can guess which episode I was part of, right?

This is a long, involved discussion, about 90 minutes in total, and it was nice to have the opportunity to dig deep into the my thoughts on the role storytelling in our lives as well as share some of my experiences.

I do wish I’d had something slightly more graceful to say about colonialism and cultural appropriation though. Ahh well! If the Human-ish Podcast has taught me anything, it’s that there’s always room to learn and grow. That and the value of sitting on the floor.

SKELETOR! (and other baddies.)

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Here’s something exciting! I’m working on a new show at the moment, and it will be having its first outing live, on Zoom, as part of the Strange Times Online Storytelling Club. We’re not even going to charge for a ticket, just ask for donations.

When Tim Ralphs was a child in the 80s he grew up glued to the TV screen, absorbing endless episodes of cartoons. The Heroes were Heroic and Always Victorious! The Villains were Villainous and Always Defeated!

The rest of his life hasn’t followed the same blueprint.

Which means the time is ripe to re-write the scripts. Join Tim for an All Evil Tour of the greatest antagonists of Myth and Legend. We’ll be looking for murky character depth, ingenious schemes and classy dastardliness in a line up that runs from the Cradle of Civilisation to England’s own Legendary Badd’uns.

And we won’t be alone. Our guide will be none other than the most heinous of cartoon villains, the baddie of which all other baddies are pale imitations: Skeletor! Archnemesis of that bland, burly do-gooder He-Man, Skeletor will be our companion and our measuring stick as we assess what the real role of the villain is in our stories and our psyche.

Adult themes and Cartoon Violence.

For those of you looking to make a donation, the best way is via this link: 

For those of you eager to know how to listen in, the best options are either via Strange Times Online on facebook, where the link will be circulated shortly before the show, or by joining my mailing list using the link below.

The Buried Moon

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Earlier this year I was a part of Adverse Camber’s amazing GAZING season of online stories for lockdown. Here’s me telling “The Buried Moon.”