Year: 2014

  • Musings on Flyering

    Hi. Tim is off at some fancy “Meet the Media” event at Fringe central, but he asked me to write something about our Edinburgh adventure for this blog. I lied and told him I couldn’t work because it was the Sabbath. He gave me a worried, bewildered look. It is one of my favourite pieces…

  • Review: Brave and Free

    Today we went to the Scottish Storytelling Centre to check out one of the few traditional storytelling acts in the Fringe Programme – Calum Lykan’s Brave and Free TIM: That was my first time listening to Calum Lykan. We had a good natter before the show and worked out which other storytellers we knew in…

  • Review: The Splitting of the Mermaid

    Here we are at the Edinburgh Fringe and the first show the Devil and I went to see was a preview of Lucy Ayrton’s The Splitting of the Mermaid. TIM : This was a performance so much my cup of tea that it could have been served in a mug with my name on it.…

  • The Devil rides North

    I am taking my show Rebranding Beelzebub to Edinburgh. It features recipes for coleslaw and the Lord’s Prayer backwards. Come and see it! You can also download the Rebranding Beelzebub Press Release or the Flyer if you’re interested.

  • Jaminaround 2014

    Just got back from Jaminaround 2014, a great little festival in Dorset that takes place in the Ancient Technology Centre. I’ve heard a lot about that place and it was wonderful to finally visit. Here’s me telling Princess Vasilisa and the Firebird. in the roundhouse.

  • There is Something in the Woods – Playtesters and Advance Readers

    Souls lost in the Woods Helen Apocalypse Phil Nicholls Harriet Holman Alex J McIntyre Ryan Bibby Thomas Bickley Helen J Cope Nate Bradley Adam “The new girl” Davidson Liam “RuRu” Butler Kateri W David Allen Garnett Kevin Kime Zoe Kime Damion Waltermeyer 2014 Nationals Horror Groups 1 & 3 They Consorted with the Darkness Helen…

  • Storycast – The Thieves’ Daughter

    Click here to listen! Or subscribe with Feedburner. The intro music was from Hymir’s Maidens used you as a trough by Prometheus Project. The outro music taken from Death Jig by Sharron Kraus.

  • Did you hear something?

    Erin Snyder and I are writing a roleplay game. You’re stranded. It’s a four day journey to the nearest town, and there is something in the woods.

  • The Room Behind the Bookcase – Contemporary & Traditional

    Click here to Listen! Show notes in the comments.

  • Can the Mountains Love the Sea?

    Surprise! I have a new show coming out in May for two dates in London. As yet there are no further bookings confirmed so don’t take a risk and miss it! I love this story. It has viking podiatry hygiene. Loki does something hilarious with a goat. But mostly, it’s a story where the wedding…

  • Mimesis and Diegesis

    ‘Mimesis’ and ‘Diegesis’ are two terms from drama and narrative theory that I tend to use a lot, so I thought I’d take a moment to explain them here. To put it simply, both mimesis and diegesis describe ways of presenting a story. In mimesis, the story is acted out. In diegesis, the story is…

  • All Things Girl Interview – Exciting Edinburgh News

    By some weird coincidence of gender and timing, I was the January “Man of the Moment” for All Things Girl. Melissa A. Bartell took the time for a lengthy interview and you can read it in full here. I talk about storytelling, my ministry and life stuff in some detail. Here’s an example of one…