Storytelling featured on Ideas Tap

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Recently, I was interviewed by Kirstie Swain of Ideas Tap on the subject of Storytelling. The resulting article has been published and, along with my ramblings, there’s some good stuff from storytellers and people working in storytelling across the country.

Read it here!

Oh and she doesn’t get credit on the site, but it’s worth a shout out that the picture at the top of the article was taken by Erin Snyder at Dreamfired Storynights in Brigsteer.

Audience comments from Dreamfired Storynights

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I’ve just had back the audience feedback from the telling I gave at Dreamfired Storynights. I told From the Odd, which I’m quite proud of as a collection. (One day I’ll tell you the story of how that show came to be written.) Anyway, I don’t have an easy way of thanking the listeners for all their kind words, so I’ll do it here. Thank you, it means a lot!

Here are the kind words in question:

“Really enjoyed Tim Ralphs. Funniest stories yet! Liked the audience involvement”

“Fantastic night, thought Tim was brilliant – loved how the stories interweaved, I was transfixed!”

“Brilliant – so glad we made the effort to get here”

“Excellent – really enjoyed Tim’s surreal, quirky, funny and moving performance”

“Brilliantly weaved and enthralling stories. Very entertaining indeed!”